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We are all equal because we are people. So what if he was taller and she was lower? Well, he from Madagascar and she from Germany? That I speak in one language, and you have much more money? Snow falls on everyone. Snow. In "White" snow is important because ... first of all it's white. Again, we are dealing with the relationship of the title with props, giving them the power of a symbol. But secondly, the snow is Polish. And probably only in Poland a breakthrough day could happen such a story. And as it turns out, with equality, the second great slogan of the French Revolution - it is not as easy as it might seem ...

 Well, because there are men who "can" and those who like the hero of this comedy-drama, hairdresser Karol (great Zamachowski), unfortunately "can not." And that is the reason for the beautiful French woman (Delpy) to divorce. In the courtroom, we hear a fiery defense speech (about equality, and how), but - it does not make a great impression on the court. Karol becomes "even less equal" - without money, without a flat and a car, in a foreign country, without much chance of returning to Poland. Until he meets another Pole - Mikołaj (congenial Gajos). With whom, like a Pole and a Pole, he drinks vodka on a bench and who promises to help him. And in the country - Karol vows his ex-wife revenge ... Of the "Three Colors" is definitely the funniest film.

Karol is from the beginning a bit like Charlie Chaplin, Czarek Pazura appears, we buy a corpse from Russia, we all like children when Karol gradually realizes his cruel plan. And all this against the background of Poland known to us - dirty somewhat (great, photos of Kłosiński, referring somewhat to the tradition of the "Polish school"), snowy, changing Poland in the early 90s, where suddenly everyone turned out to be equal.

But are they really? What is Kieślowski's answer to the problem of equality? Can we be equal at all? According to the director - no.

Because inequalities will always be. Especially between torrent sites directory - Charles is impotent in France, he is nothing in isolation from his roots; in Poland, it is changing into a business shark and a great lover.

However, there is also no equality in Poland of the time of change - the rich class grows quickly, shooting above others. And even such "dentures" of equality, as the law can not resist an entrepreneurial man, realizing his revenge. But just - inequality between a woman and a man is associated with something that we all fall on our knees and therefore we are all equal. It's love. The power is present in all Kieślowski's films, where it is always redemption and purpose. And which - like snow - is available to everyone. Everywhere..