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A Vancouver Dentist can help parents of young children keep their baby teeth healthy until they fall out, which is important for the health and alignment of the adult teeth, as well as for ongoing development of the jawbone and gum tissue. It's also essential for the comfort of the children, since tooth decay can cause pain. Home oral hygiene, regular checkups and professional teeth cleaning, and dental sealants are all effective preventive measures.

harbour centre dental and Pacifier Usage

Parents may be concerned about the child's thumb sucking or use of a pacifier, and may want to consult a pediatric dentist about this. They may start feeling troubled if the child refuses to give up thumb sucking by kindergarten age. Since they cannot reasonably monitor the youngster throughout all sleep hours, this type of behavior can be especially difficult to stop if the child refuses.

Providing Explanations

By the time the youngster reaches this age, explaining the reasons why ending the thumb-sucking habit is important may resolve the problem. The parents can sit down with the child and stress how this behavior can change the alignment of the baby teeth and interfere with the alignment of the adult teeth as they grow in. If the child won't listen to the parents, a dentist with a clinic such as Harbour Centre Dental can gently explain why thumb sucking is becoming a problem.

Giving Praise

A truly resistant child may adamantly continue the behavior, making sure to hide it from parents and other authority figures. Although this is not ideal, parents can at least feel reassured that any negative effects will likely not be dramatic ones. Until dental center can be resolved, parents are encouraged to praise the child when he or she is keeping the thumb out of the mouth during situations in which that behavior would have been typical. That positive reinforcement is rewarding emotionally and makes them more motivated to comply.

Most Important Considerations

More importantly, children should be practicing oral hygiene with twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing. Parents should take charge of these activities for the kids until their motor skills are up to speed for the tasks. In regard to pacifier use, a primary concern is not to coat the device with sweet substances. Parents can be tempted to do this in an effort to coax the child to use the pacifier and stop wailing, but that causes the honey or other sweetener to rub against teeth and become a risk factor for tooth decay.